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As some of may know, I joined (a platform for messaging) when they were raising money before launch, and I’ve been a fairly active poster on the service. I don’t post often on Twitter now (perhaps as a consequence of hanging out more at, and so I’ve been slightly irritated by the fact that I couldn’t find a pre-built widget to show my recent posts on the sidebar of this blog in the same way that I can show my tweets.

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Vim and Zsh, Oh My!

Is there such a thing as too many text editors? I ask, because I seem to be perpetually cycling between a set of editors, unable to settle for once and all on one of them. On a fairly regular basis, I use BBEdit, TextMate, and MacVim, and now I find that my head has been turned once again by a brand, shiny new text editor, Sublime Text X. Certainly I find that different kinds of editors tend to suit a particular kind of task (writing HTML, or Ruby or plain text, for example), but I can’t help thinking that I would be a lot more productive if I could just become an expert in the One True Text Editor (in fact, any One True Text Editor), and be happy with that.

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As I mentioned earlier, I’ve switched to using nanoc to generate this blog, so I thought I would write a little bit about why I chose it and how I switched. There are many static site generators out there, but when I looked into them in a bit more depth, nanoc stood out because of its flexibility. I also really like that fact that it was written in Ruby and that you could choose which templating system to use.

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